• Patient’s Family Impressed with TSH Emergency Department
    Published February 5, 2013

    Russell Mustachi remembers the long wait times in the emergency department at The Scarborough Hospital. But during his last few visits the long-time Scarborough resident says he has seen a dramatic improvement in both wait times and overall quality of care.

    “They were pretty quick in seeing us in the emerg,” says Russell, who arrived at the hospital’s Birchmount campus with his 86-year-old mother.

    He knows the hospital has been working hard to make improvements, and in an email, he commended its exemplary service.

    Russell was also impressed with the care from one particular emergency department nurse.

    “We had the good fortune of having Joey as the attending person when my mother was brought to the emergency department twice within the last week,” writes Russell in his email. “As a norm, we will always complain when things go wrong, but seldom take the time to applaud and commend someone who goes above and beyond on a daily basis.”

    Joey Doinog is a Registered Nurse in the emergency department at the hospital’s Birchmount campus.

    Russell adds that Joey’s caring attitude and enthusiasm made a difficult situation “a breeze” and that Joey is an inspiration and that his example should be rewarded.

    “He’s one of those guys who has a smile on his face at all times and handled the situation with great professionalism and understanding when he had a room full of patients.”

    When Russell and his mother returned to the hospital’s emergency department the second time that week and received the same care, he knew excellent service wasn’t a fluke, but consistent quality care at The Scarborough Hospital.

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