• Registered Dietitians Educate Staff and Patients on the Importance of Good Nutrition
    Published March 19, 2013

    The Scarborough Hospital’s team of Registered Dietitians play a key role in patient care, and are uniquely trained to advise you on food, healthy eating and nutrition. We will profile some of TSH’s RDs throughout the month of March, which is Nutrition Month.

    Heidi Murphy is a Registered Dietitian working in the home dialysis program, Chronic Kidney Disease at the General campus.

    “It’s very challenging to educate patients with kidney disease on how best to maintain a proper diet. There are many factors in determining what each patient’s diet requires to ensure their kidneys are working at their best, while allowing the patient to enjoy their food and maintain a good quality of life,” Heidi explains. “And with our diverse community, we also educate and instruct on how to incorporate cultural foods that are safe for their diet.”

    “Being a Registered Dietitian is a high-demand career; fast-paced and very busy. It’s such an evolving field where I’m constantly updating my skills and education. And I enjoy working with patients, and watching their progress as their health improves with a new diet, and seeing the positive impact on their lives.”

    Joanne Greco-Fiore is a Registered Dietitian working within our Centre for Complex Diabetes Care program at the General campus.

    She has been a Registered Dietitian for six-and-a half years and returned to work at The Scarborough Hospital last June after having previously worked here five years prior.

    “I really wanted to help people and felt I could do this as a Registered Dietitian,” she says. “I was particularly interested in diabetes based on my own experiences with family members living with diabetes. I didn’t want another person out there to have to experience losing a family member to the complications related to diabetes.”

    Joanne is also a Certified Diabetes Educator, and works directly with social workers, pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians and other community partners.

    “I believe the most challenging part of my job is the ever-changing environment in a hospital setting, which drives me to adapt quickly, sometimes on an hourly basis,” she adds.

    With her Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Food and Nutrition, Joanne believes her role has a strong impact on patient care, as she provides in-depth nutrition assessments, counselling and support to patients and their families.

    “I have to say the best part of my job is the opportunity to see and interact with challenging situations, and to exchange knowledge and experience with patients and their loved ones,” she adds.

    Each day in March, Dietitians of Canada dishes up a new grocery-shopping tip designed to help you makeover your grocery cart. You can access the tips on your iPhone or iPad by clicking here or visit

    Are you unsure of who to turn to for nutrition advice? Watch this video to find out click here.

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