• Published June 26, 2014

    Rouge Valley Health System (RVHS) and The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) are developing an integrated service delivery model for maternal child youth services, which will include the formal establishment of a centre for advanced level 2c inpatient neonatal and paediatric care in the Scarborough community. The centre will be a LHIN-wide resource that will reduce the need to travel outside of the Central East LHIN to access these services.

    Birthing services will remain in place at all four hospital campuses of TSH and RVHS regardless of the outcome of this process.

    The RVHS-TSH Motion 1B Collaborative has been established to support this work, which will leverage and build on the strong foundation created by the workbook development process that was completed in 2013.

    The Motion 1B Collaborative is an interprofessional team that includes staff, physicians and midwives from RVHS and TSH, as well as representation from Central East LHIN, health system partners and community members.

    An important part of this planning initiative is to share the work of the Collaborative with our broader stakeholder group and receive feedback. At the first working group meeting, held on June 18, three objectives were achieved:

    1. The Collaborative heard input from community members and family physicians (the ‘voice of the customer’) so that this input can inform how we describe our future shared vision.
    2. The Collaborative drafted a shared vision for a new maternal child youth services model.
      Draft Shared Vision, June 18, 2014:
      We will create a regional program of excellence, including advanced neonatal and paediatric care, renowned for delivering an integrated continuum of community and hospital services that exceeds expectations and delivers an outstanding patient and family experience. The system will continually evolve to use resources efficiently and effectively and instill confidence in our community to ensure that services are sustainable into the future.”
    3. The Collaborative identified a draft list of performance metrics to monitor our progress toward the shared vision.

    These achievements are documented in the 2014 Maternal Child Youth Workbook. As part of this work, staff, physicians and community members and stakeholders are being invited to review the 2014 Workbook and if desired, provide their feedback by accessing and completing this survey.

    The workbook and survey are also available on the Leading for Patients website.

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