• Scarborough and Rouge Hospital welcome New Year’s babies
    Released January 1, 2017

    Scarborough and Rouge Hospital (SRH) is proud to welcome a little girl as the last baby born in 2016, and a little boy as the first baby born in 2017.

    Emmeline Mason was born at the Centenary site at just nine minutes before midnight on December 31; the final baby born at the hospital for 2016. Less than two hours later at 1:47 a.m., the General site welcomed Kayson Xie as the first baby of 2017.

    Kayson was a special New Year’s surprise for mom Yan Juan Cao, as he was not due to be born until January 4. However, when Yan Juan’s water broke the evening of December 31, she quickly realized that Kayson was going to make an early entrance into the world. Yan Juan arrived at the hospital shortly after midnight on January 1 and Kayson made his debut less than two hours later weighing a healthy 8 pounds, 2 ounces.

    Although Yan Juan says that all the staff and physicians who cared for her were “very nice,” she admits that this birth was much different than that of her other two sons, both of whom were also born at the General site.

    “My first baby was born by Caesarean section and my second child was born eight days past his due date, so I wasn’t expecting this baby to arrive so early,” explains Yan Juan.

    Emmeline’s birth was also a surprise for first time parents Bronwyn and Robert Mason.

    “My due date was actually Christmas Day, but it’s also very special to have a baby born on New Year’s Eve. Not many people can say that,” said Bronwyn.

    The Pickering residents explain that they specifically chose to have their baby at the Centenary site; Robert has received care there multiple times and Bronwyn was also born at the hospital.

    And Bronwyn admits that the staff and physicians were equally “amazing” throughout the birth of their daughter, who weighed in at 7 pounds, 14 ounces.

    Bronwyn, Robert, and Yan Juan, like thousands of other expectant parents each year, have benefitted from the wide variety of services available in SRH’s Women’s and Children’s program. These include prenatal classes and an early pregnancy assessment clinic; midwifery and doula services; water births; umbilical cord banking; Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) for at-risk babies born prematurely and/or with complications; a neonatal follow-up clinic; and both prenatal and postpartum breastfeeding clinics.

    Paediatric services at SRH include a child development program; occupational therapy; speech language pathology; early parenting classes; and day surgery, as well as a number of specialty clinics for conditions, such as allergies, sickle-cell anaemia, cancer, kidney disease, and obesity.

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