• Scarborough Resident Calls Physician an ‘asset’ to The Scarborough Hospital
    Published March 5, 2013

    John Hardie can’t say enough about the wonderful care he received at The Scarborough Hospital’s General campus.

    The Scarborough resident was on vacation in cottage country last summer when he realized something was wrong. He ended up at the Minden Hospital, but was quickly transferred to TSH with necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating disease).

    “By the time I got to The Scarborough Hospital, the doctors were ready for me,” he says.

    He spent six days in the intensive care unit and while he doesn’t much remember the time he spent there his wife Phyllis keeps telling him about the great care he received. He spent three weeks in the Critical Care Centre and Wound Treatment Ward.

    In his thank-you letter, John singled out Dr. Vanessa Wong for her professional care and expertise, and credited her with not only saving his life, but also his arm.

    “Thanks to Dr. Wong, my wound is now completely healed,” he writes.

    John also made mention of her wonderful bedside manner.

    “She was excellent. Every time she came in she communicated with my family and kept me up-to-date,” he says. “I personally feel her care went above and beyond the call of duty.”

    In his subsequent follow-up visits, she continued to provide excellent care and ask about his family, too.

    John said he also received wonderful care from Drs. Gustavo Azoubel, Howard Clasky, and Reena Lovinsky. John is grateful to everyone at TSH for the care and compassion they showed to him and his family.

    “It was just incredible,” he says. “When you’re really sick, it means a lot to have that kind of care.”

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