• Team environment at SRH a welcome addition to patient’s midwifery care
    Published May 1, 2017

    Kailey Noble has told the story about the birth of her daughter Raegan a lot. And she’ll tell it again to anyone who will listen if it means getting out the word about the outstanding care she experienced at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital (SRH).

    Like many expectant parents, Kailey and her husband Andrew worked closely with their midwife Sanaz Kama from Diversity Midwives to develop a plan for her labour and delivery.

    But complications arose during the delivery when it was discovered that Raegan had become stuck sideways. An obstetrician and nurses assisted Sanaz in safely delivering Raegan, who was born on January 24, 2017 at the Birchmount site weighing in at a healthy 7 pounds 2 ounces.

    Sanaz admits that she was concerned that Kailey and Andrew would not be happy with their birth experience. However, as it turned out, Sanaz didn’t have anything to worry about.

    “I couldn’t have gotten through the labour and delivery without Sanaz, and the doctors and nurses were just as great,” explains Kailey. “They kept my husband and I well informed and the nurses were always there when I needed them and were very helpful in helping me learn how to breastfeed.”

    In Ontario, midwifes are registered health care professionals who provide safe, researched-based care to women throughout their pregnancy, labour and birth, as well as for six weeks after the birth.

    SRH is proud to partner with two midwifery organizations – Diversity Midwives and Sages-Femmes Midwives – who have provided outstanding care to expectant parents at SRH for over 15 years. They are part of an interdisciplinary team that includes obstetricians, anaestheologists, nurses, and doulas.

    Kailey and her husband chose to use a midwife 26 weeks into her pregnancy after much research. “I had always thought of using a midwife and the choice ended up being the right one for us,” Kailey explains.

    “Sanaz was amazing with the confidence she brought and she really helped to bridge the gap for my husband in supporting me during my labour and delivery.”

    For Sanaz, the collaborative environment at SRH is also something she values personally as a midwife. “I really love working here because I feel like I’m part of a team and I don’t see myself as separate and apart from my other colleagues.

    “From what I have seen and know of other communities, the way we work here is pretty unique and amazing.”



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