• The Scarborough Hospital Is This Family’s Go-To Hospital
    Published August 19, 2014

    Leigh Salter and her family have been to the Emergency Department (ED) at The Scarborough Hospital’s (TSH) General campus a lot this year.

    They found themselves visiting TSH’s ED in February after Leigh tore a ligament in her left hand while tobogganing with her two sons. Months later, Leigh’s three-year-old son, Mac, fell and banged his head, and they were back at the hospital. Recently, Leigh’s husband, John, experienced excruciating stomach pain and they had to make the trip again to TSH.

    Although Leigh and her family seem to have made going to TSH’s ED a regular habit, Leigh says each time has been a good experience.

    “Every time we go to The Scarborough Hospital, we are treated with respect and are in-and-out very quickly,” she says. “Although we have been to the hospital a lot lately, we don’t make it a habit to go to the emergency department for little scrapes and minor coughs. Though, for those times when you’re really in pain, you want to be seen as soon as possible. This has been our experience at The Scarborough Hospital; you’re assessed and treated quickly.”

    Leigh recalls when she damaged the ligament in her hand and how staff took care of her injury swiftly.

    “I cannot say enough about the treatment and speed of the emergency staff. I was in-and-out, with an x-ray and a cast, in an hour,” she says. “Benny, who did my cast, was great! He was cheerful and he obviously loves his job. He communicated every step in the process, and he set me up with a follow up appointment right away.”

    When it came to Mac’s injury, Leigh lauded the physician that took care of him. “It was his first trip to the hospital since he was born. The doctor that took care of him talked to him gently and tried to make him as comfortable as possible. He gave me clear instructions on concussion protocol for little kids and a pamphlet about dealing with this sort of head trauma. And as before, we were in-and-out within an hour.”

    It was when John was sent to the General campus’ ED from a nearby walking clinic, that Leigh noticed a trend of efficient, compassionate care at TSH.

    “My husband was having stomach issues and saw a doctor in about 40 minutes,” she says. “They immediately hooked him up to a morphine drip to ease the pain and he saw a number of specialists, got a CT scan and had blood drawn, all within a few hours.”

    Although John’s stomach issues are still being investigated, Leigh was thankful for how seriously TSH staff took his claim.

    My husband’s been brushed off before at other hospitals for this pain, but at The Scarborough Hospital, they took everything seriously and they thoroughly investigated his pain,” she says. “The incredible level of care that we have received at The Scarborough Hospital has been consistently great and I recommend it to anyone who asks. Our family always goes to The Scarborough Hospital for care.”

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