• The Scarborough Hospital Launches An Innovative Career Development Program
    Published March 18, 2014

    The excitement that radiated from Annabelle Alberton, Grade 9 student, as she looked through a microscope in The Scarborough Hospital’s (TSH) lab, confirmed the success of the first-ever #careercruze. On March 7, Annabelle #careercruzed through TSH with approximately 50 other students to explore the many career opportunities available in a hospital setting.

    #careercruze is part of TSH’s new and innovative Code Career program – a first-of-its-kind program among hospitals in Ontario – geared towards the career development of current and future employees. The #careercruze aspect guides students through the many facets of health care – from clinical to administrative to support services – and provides them with an opportunity to match their current interests with a potential career or perhaps discover a new path.  A complementary aspect of this program is #volunteercruze, which is a unique initiative designed to ignite the passion of volunteering in these students while at the same time sustaining their interest in health care careers.

    “I would definitely come back again next year,” says Annabelle. “It was great to see so many different places. I didn’t even think about finance being a job in a hospital and it was so cool being in the lab. It gave me a look at so many options.”

    The students participated in one of four scenarios, which led them through different departments, including the Emergency Department, Operating Rooms, a Dialysis Unit, Finance, Information Systems, the Laboratory, Diagnostic Imaging and more. At each stop, staff members showcased how they supported patient care, as well as the educational path they took to achieve their current role. Whether beginning a new career, continuing one’s journey or changing direction, there is a lot to consider. Code Career supports all areas of career planning, building and advancement.

    Its four components; #careercruze, #volunteercruze, Career Directions and Succession Management provide an integrated approach to supporting a passionate and engaged workforce – from student to volunteer to staff member – and encouraging professional growth at all stages in between.

    “At TSH, we believe in the value of life-long learning,” says Rhonda Lewis, Vice-President, Human Resources and Patient Relations. “We are very excited about Code Career because it has multiple benefits in terms of employee attraction and engagement. We are assisting students in making informed choices about their future, creating an ongoing pipeline of new talent and supporting our staff in learning new skills and achieving their career goals.”

    The students also received a robust Career Directions package, which provides roadmaps that outline specific health care roles. It details what to expect, how to qualify, useful resources for short- and long-term planning, possible sources for financial support and links to resources for internationally educated professionals.

    “There are a multitude of careers available in health care,” says Robert Biron, President and CEO. “Each role is not only unique, but essential in building a solid organization. Code Career helps students and staff explore their options so that together we can continue providing the best care for our community.”

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