• Published December 16, 2010

    When Nicholas Lindsay suffered a knee injury three years ago, it could have ended his fledgling career as an aspiring soccer player. But thanks to Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Frank Tran and his team at The Scarborough Hospital, Nicholas not only recovered nicely, but he recently signed professionally with the Toronto FC (TFC).

    “I see athletes of all ages and levels, and injuries at a young age can have long term consequences if not treated appropriately,” explains Dr. Tran. “I met Nicholas when he was 15 years old. He suffered a meniscus knee injury that required prompt treatment. An arthroscopic surgical repair was carried out at TSH.”

    It was a pivotal time in young Nicholas’ development, and mistreatment of his injury could have had a devastating impact on both his knee and his career.

    And soccer is Nicholas’ passion, having earned several MVP honours as a member of various club teams in Brampton. He was also a member of the Ontario provincial team.

    “I have been playing soccer for 14 years—practically my whole life,” says Nicholas, who is now 18. “For years, I watched TFC and knew I wanted to be there one day. Now, I have my chance.

    “I was confident in Dr. Tran’s abilities. He’s a very talented individual and he helped me get here.”

    No stranger to sports medicine, Dr. Tran specializes in surgery of the knee/arthroscopy. During his Fellowship, he completed several research projects based on ACL reconstruction, earning him numerous awards.

    “I’ve always enjoyed working with the athletic population and have been able to tie this into my specialty,” explains Dr. Tran, who has worked at TSH since 2003. “Orthopedic sports medicine is constantly evolving, and at TSH, we perform a high volume of arthroscopic procedures, including ACL and complex ligament reconstructions. We stay on the leading edge at TSH, as technological advances allow us to provide treatment through minimally invasive techniques.

    “Surgical techniques are much improved and we have better biomaterials to fix ligaments and tendons. This allows us to start rehabilitation and physiotherapy earlier.”

    Indeed, the team approach is very important for patient recovery, and Dr. Tran is quick to point to the valuable contributions of TSH’s surgical nurses, ward nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

    “All areas are important to help the patient recover and rehabilitate properly,” Dr. Tran adds.

    As for Nicholas, he is the second ‘home grown’ player to sign with TFC, and has shown great promise as a forward.

    “My goal is to play every game like it was my last, with skill, passion and endurance,” Nicholas adds. “It’s just the beginning of my career and there are only better things to come.”

    Dr. Tran agrees.

    “I am very proud to see that Nicholas has signed a professional contract to play with TFC, and I think he has great potential to do big things in his professional career,” Dr. Tran adds.

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