• Trip to Emergency Not the Painful Experience TSH Patient Expected
    Published September 3, 2013

    When Henry Tsang sprained his ankle he tried to nurse the injury at home, but the pain finally forced him to visit The Scarborough Hospital’s Birchmount campus.

    He found the experience wasn’t what he’d been expecting.

    Henry delayed going to the hospital because he’d heard so many stories about long wait times and poor treatment, but had to relent when the pain got too bad. The care he found in the Emergency Department and the fracture clinic was courteous and professional.

    “All in all the experience was better than I expected,” he says. “I know the hospital is very busy.”

    Henry commented on the cleanliness of the hospital, as well as how organized and efficient he found the hospital.

    “Your whole team seems to be working in unison and they really gave me a sense of organization,” he says in the letter he wrote following the June visit.

    Henry had to return to the hospital for a follow-up visit and though the hospital was busy he didn’t have to wait, which he appreciated.

    “She allowed me to go ahead of people. She said it wasn’t my fault I had to come back so I shouldn’t have to wait in line,” he says.

    On his third – and final visit regarding the ankle – Henry again found the staff courteous and caring. Next time he won’t wait so long before heading to the hospital.

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