• Released December 4, 2013

    The Scarborough Hospital’s Community Advisory Council (CAC) fully supports a merger of Rouge Valley Health System (RVHS) and The Scarborough Hospital (TSH).

    The announcement was made at TSH’s Board of Directors meeting yesterday. “There is a fantastic momentum involving the hospitals, the doctors and the community and we are all focused on the same value proposition for this merger. Access to quality health care in

    Scarborough is what is most important for our community,” states the CAC report to the TSH

    Board, as presented by Denis Lanoue, CAC Chair. “The CAC will do everything we can to ensure that we have vibrant and viable health care facilities servicing our Scarborough community.”

    In addition, the CAC presented to the TSH Board of Directors a formal motion that they had approved unanimously at their last public meeting on November 18, 2013. “We put the motion forward because we fully support the hospital in this merger. We recognize the need for investments for this major undertaking and for the renewal of our hospital sites, which will ensure that we have quality health care for our community being delivered in modern facilities,” said Denis.

    The role of the CAC is to help ensure that The Scarborough Hospital and Board of Directors are accountable and transparent to the community. The Council meets monthly and reports back to the Board of Directors at each of the Board’s meetings.


    Earlier this month, the Boards of Directors of the two hospital corporations approved, in principle, proceeding to the next steps toward a merger. That was followed by a public endorsement of a merger by physician leaders and associations practicing at the two hospital corporations.

    On November 27, the Board of Directors of the Central East Local Health Integration Network agreed to provide $1.3 million to reimburse the hospitals for their initial integration planning costs and up to $2.5 million to fund the costs for the next phase, which will involve financial and legal due diligence, governance planning activities and ongoing stakeholder engagement.

    This next phase is expected to be completed over the next 60 to 90 days, at which time the two hospital Boards will reconvene to make a final decision as to whether or not to proceed with a merger. At that time, the Boards will consider the outcome of the due diligence, stakeholder input, level of financial support secured and the status of the capital planning grants.

    Should the hospitals recommend proceeding with a merger at that time, then the matter would be subsequently considered by the Central East LHIN Board and the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.


    The hospitals have jointly made the following commitments in this process: All four hospital campuses will stay open;

    All four of the emergency departments will stay open;

    Patient care services currently provided at the Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering campus will continue to be delivered there regardless of the outcome of the process; and

    All four hospitals will continue to provide high-quality and safe care during any health care system transformation.

    Information about this process can be found at the Leading for Patients website at

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