• Released December 16, 2013

    Following on the heels of The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) attaining Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada, the hospital’s Laboratory Services also scored high in standards set out by the Ontario Laboratory Accreditation (OLA).

    “We averaged 95 per cent across both campuses during our recent accreditation, up from 92 per cent four years ago,” explains Petra Sheldrake, Patient Care Director, Laboratory Services, TSH. “OLA reviews up to 500 requirements in our labs, and it’s a vigorous review that looks at safety, the lab information system, point-of-care testing, test validation and accuracy, to name a few. We’re really put ‘under the microscope.’”

    OLA sent six assessors to review TSH’s Laboratory Services at both the Birchmount and General campuses over a four-day period. As a comparison, Accreditation Canada sent five assessors for five days to review the entire hospital last year.

    “One of the requirements is that we conduct internal audits every two years and self-assessments during alternate years, so our ‘preparation’ for accreditation is really an ongoing process,” Petra adds. “Right before accreditation, though, we go through all of our requirements to ensure we are meeting them.”

    Dr. Dhun Noria, Medical Director of Laboratory Services, says the accreditation results point to the excellent teamwork of the lab staff.

    “I am proud of our staff, their education and enthusiasm, and our state-of-the-art equipment,” Dr. Noria says. “Accreditation is so encompassing; with six assessors spending four full days in our two labs. You can imagine how thorough, how intense it is.”

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