• Released September 16, 2013

    The Scarborough Hospital has been awarded funding from the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) to implement an innovative environmental initiative in its operating rooms (ORs).

    Working with its medical supply manufacturer and distributor Medline Canada and hospital textile supplier Booth Centennial, the hospital is introducing the Complete Delivery Hybrid System for delivering OR supplies that will reduce waste and increase savings.

    This System begins with Medline shipping “custom packs” to Booth Centennial that include all the supplies required for a specific surgical procedure. Booth Centennial then adds the appropriate gowns, towels and other textiles and ships these bundles to the hospital based on their procedural needs.

    Many of the single‐use items, such as surgical gowns and towels, have been converted to reusable items. In addition, the hospital will be the first in Ontario to begin using Medline’s new EcoDrape™, a biodegradable surgical drape made of wood‐pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests and containing no dyes, chemical binders or fluorochemicals.

    “Implementing this program means a substantial reduction of waste going to landfill, packaging waste and multiple handling of products within the facility, as well as increased efficiency within and outside of perioperative areas,” says Nurallah Rahim, Patient Care Director, Surgical Services, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation at The Scarborough Hospital.

    “The Scarborough Hospital is leading the way in healthcare sustainability in Canada and setting a valuable example of how hospitals can make a difference to the environment, while saving valuable taxpayer dollars,” said Francesca Olivier, Corporate Sustainability Manager at Medline.

    The Scarborough Hospital was one of only five Ontario hospitals to receive funding under the OHA’s Green Hospital Champion Fund (GHCF). The GHCF was established by the OHA with the support of the Ontario government through the OntarioBuys initiative to help Ontario hospitals improve their environmental performance and reduce operating costs through implementation of green projects.

    This OHA recognition is the latest in a series of awards The Scarborough Hospital has received. TSH has been developing and implementing initiatives to make their ORs more environmentally friendly. In October 2011, the hospital received a Booth Centennial Green Award for its increased use of reusable OR textiles and willingness to participate in innovative green OR solutions. As well, in the spring of 2012, the ORs began using the Blue Zone Deltasorb Inhalation Anesthetic Gas Recovery System. The system captures waste inhalation anesthetic gases before they are vented into the atmosphere and recycles the waste agents into inhalation agents that can be used again.

    “Being responsible citizens and playing a key role in reducing waste is a priority for everyone at The Scarborough Hospital,” says Nurallah. “It’s one important way that the hospital has been recognized as a leader when it comes to integrity and accountability.”

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