• TSH Radiologist Solves Patient’s Decades-Long Fear Of MRIs
    Published January 22, 2014

    It was a request that Elizabeth Rowland always feared from her doctor: “We’d like you to have an MRI scan.” However, Elizabeth’s decades-long fear of MRIs came to an end when she visited the Diagnostic Imaging department at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH).

    “I have received medical care in various countries and when I received an MRI in Curacao, and later inVenezuela, I panicked,” said Elizabeth. “Since then, I’ve used various methods, including sedation, to try to get through any MRI scans, but without success.”

    Early last year, Elizabeth’s physician discovered an abnormality and scheduled a pelvic MRI to confirm results from an ultrasound. Elizabeth, who lives in downtown Toronto, first went to Toronto General Hospital for the MRI, but again panicked during the procedure. A nurse at the Medcan Clinic where she receives care suggested she be referred to The Scarborough Hospital as the MRI machine has a larger aperture.

    But despite the difference in the technology, it was the assistance of Technologist Alias Saadat that truly made a difference to Elizabeth.

    “The manner in which he talked to me, telling me what to expect and talking me through the whole procedure, made me feel like for the first time I wasn’t being abandoned in total darkness during an MRI,” she said.

    Elizabeth adds that Alias “was so patient and so communicative and logical that I even avoided sedation.”

    Luckily, Elizabeth’s MRI results were clear. And although she was impressed with all the care she received at TSH, she will naturally always have exceptionally high praise for Alias.

    “The man is a treasure!”

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