• TSH Staff Aim To Score For Their Floor
    Published April 15, 2014

    A comfortable chair and an iPod seem like a perfect combination. But for the Palliative Care and Specialized Geriatrics Units at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) they represent two very important fundraising efforts in the hospital’s latest “Score for Your Floor” campaigns.

    “Score for Your Floor is a fundraising initiative The Scarborough Hospital Foundation (TSHF) created to enable staff to identify and fundraise for new equipment critical to their everyday work and the health of the community,” said Michele Varela, TSHF Vice President of Philanthropy.

    “Staff naturally have a connection to their unit or department and the goal is to help them feel empowered and part of the solution.”

    In February, the Palliative Care unit at the General campus began its campaign to raise $7,300 to buy three “Sleeper Chairs” and two “Geri Chairs”. Sleeper Chairs give family members the option of staying overnight in a patient’s room and spending valuable precious time with their loved one. Geri Chairs offer the option of a recliner chair for patients who wish or would benefit from resting in a reclined position, aiding in symptom control and resulting in improved comfort. Each Sleeper Chair costs $1,100 and each Geri Chair is $1,950.

    Since the campaign’s launch, an impressive $4,200 has been raised towards the cost of the chairs.

    “Our team of health professionals are committed to providing exceptional care to patients facing life-threatening illnesses and supporting their family members during an exceptionally difficult time,” said Sonia Johnson, Patient Care Manager of the Palliative Care unit at TSH.

    “Having these additional specialized chairs will help us improve the experience for both of these groups.”

    In early April, the Specialized Geriatrics units at the General and Birchmount campuses also launched a Score for Your Floor campaign to raise $3,600 for 40 iPod shuffles that will bring a new Individualized Music Therapy Program inspired by the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada to patients suffering from neurological conditions.

    “Individualized Music Therapy programs have been proven to reduce the behavioural and psychological symptoms of those suffering from mild to severe dementia and many other neurological conditions,” said Meredith De Paulsen, Patient Care Manager of the Specialized Geriatrics Units at TSH.

    “It improves patients’ quality of life by helping to reduce stress and maintain relationships with loved ones.”

    Last fall, the CP4 and 3 Central Medicine Units celebrated the successful completion of the hospital’s first Score for Your Floor campaign, raising an impressive $8,000 towards the $16,000 total cost of the bladder scanner – a machine that uses a form of ultrasound to measure the amount of urine in the bladder. The remaining $8,000 was matched by a very generous donor.

    More information about the two new fundraising campaigns can be found online by visiting either the Palliative Care or Specialized Geriatrics Score for Your Floor webpages. Brochures are also available on each of the units.

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