Patient safety is a top priority at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH). This includes ensuring that we are delivering quality care that is tailored specifically to each patient.

One of the ways we do this is by verifying your identity every single time we provide a service, treatment, medication, meal, or when we move you to another area of the hospital – even if the same person is caring for you throughout the day. We do this by asking your name and date of birth, and checking it against your wristband, medication record, or health card, for example.

Sometimes there is more than one person in the hospital with the same name; or, we may be experiencing a particularly busy day. Double checking your identity at every interaction is the best, evidence-based way to make sure we’re giving you appropriate care that was meant just for you – so please be “patient” with us! (Pardon the pun). And, don’t be afraid to speak up if your care provider doesn’t verify your identity.

Another way we work to keep surgical patients safe at TSH is by reviewing our Surgical Safety Checklist with you prior to your surgery. This checklist addresses things like the type of surgery you’re having, medications you may be taking, any special precautions, and more. It’s your right to review this checklist with your surgical team.

These are just two of the ways patients can participate in their own care (Person- and Family-Centred Care). To learn more, click the link below for a video on patient safety at TSH.

I Ask Because I Care: Patient Safety video