At The Scarborough Hospital (TSH), we are pleased to embrace an interprofessional approach to care. It is widely recognized that when health care professionals work collaboratively within their discipline and with others outside their disciplines, as well as with patients and families, there is a positive impact on many aspects of health care.

According to the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC), benefits of collaborative practice can improve:

  • Wait times
  • Healthy workplaces
  • Health human resources
  • Patient safety
  • Chronic disease management
  • Population health and wellness.

The Interprofessional Practice, Outcomes and Education department at TSH supports all regulated health professions at the hospital through setting of standards, updating changes in legislation and enhancing and encouraging knowledge translation around current best practices.

The department is led by Rhonda Seidman- Carlson, Vice-President, Interprofessional Practice and Chief Nursing Executive, and has two managers in her portfolio.

  • Manager of Interprofessional Practice and Outcomes
  • Manager of Interprofessional Education and Professional Practice Leader, Nursing

All regulated health professions are part of and have access to the services of this department, and educational institutions (colleges and universities) access departmental resources to assist with clinical placements.

Services Provided

The services provided by Interprofessional Practice at TSH include:

  • Updating on changes in Regulatory Colleges
  • Education, professional development and creation of clinical standards
  • Career development for all professions
  • Meeting of core competencies and expectations
  • Link with the Regulatory Colleges (around reporting)
  • Link with Clinical Operations around patient safety, quality of care and quality work environments

Model of iCare

Where To Find Us

Staff can directly access this department as can Managers and Clinical Resource Leaders.

All staff, patients and families have access to the Chief Nursing Executive to discuss care, standards and quality of patient care.

Please contact Genevieve Brown, Executive Assistant at 416-431-8200, ext. 2413 for more information about Interprofessional Care at TSH.