The Scarborough Hospital
Local in Spirit. Global in Care.

The Scarborough Hospital is privileged to have served the Scarborough community for a combined 90 years. We’re fiercely proud of our neighbourhood. Rich in diversity, it has a strong, vibrant, tenacious spirit. It’s where people from all over the globe come to make a life. Many have done so over generations. And many are just beginning. All of them deserve the very best of what we do.

We strive to make sure that every single person who seeks our help receives the highest level of care in a welcoming, inclusive, and healing environment.

We do this by following these five guiding principles:

We see beyond the patient to the person.

Our patients’ physical and mental health needs are paramount. So, too, is their social well-being. To enhance their care experience, we aim to treat the whole person. We listen deeply, with an open mind, to their needs and respond with compassion, respect, and sensitivity to their individual beliefs, languages, and backgrounds to help them heal on their terms.

We engage patients and their families as partners.

We take our patients’ decisions and choices very seriously. We involve them, and their families, as much as they feel comfortable, and take time to guide them through their options, treatment plans, and risks so that they can make thoughtful, informed decisions.

We are relentless in our pursuit of better care.

Our commitment to providing quality care and patient safety is unwavering. From developing innovative programs and services to forging partnerships with local providers so that health care extends fluidly from hospital to home, we go above and beyond to improve care for our patients and the greater Scarborough community.

We are Scarborough’s voice in health.

Our responsibility to safeguard health services for the Scarborough community goes far beyond our walls. We serve a community with many disadvantaged and vulnerable populations. As stewards of an essential public service, we advocate for equitable access to health services. We collaborate with government agencies, political representatives, the broader community, and local partners to make sure that the community’s health needs are heard, understood, and met.

We are Scarborough.

Our hospital team is as diverse as the community. Many of our staff have grown up right here in Scarborough and others come from all corners of the globe. So we understand the complexities that make our corner of Toronto so remarkable. From helping newcomers navigate Ontario’s health care system to providing culturally competent care in many languages, no other hospital in Canada knows better how to meet the unique needs of such a global community.