• Work by TSH Psychiatrist making headlines
    Published April 26, 2016

    A paper by one of The Scarborough Hospital’s (TSH’s) psychiatrists has been published in Canada’s most prestigious psychiatric journal.

    Making Evidence-based Psychotherapy More Accessible in Canada, a paper co-written by TSH Psychiatrist, Dr. David Gratzer, and Dr. David Goldbloom, former Physician-in-Chief of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and past Chair of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, appears in the April 5th online edition of The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry.

    The current federal government is committed to improving access to evidence-based psychiatric care for Canadians. Within this context, Drs. Gratzer and Goldbloom argue against increasing the supply of psychiatrists, instead suggesting that Canada should look to other countries for ideas.

    In particular, they recommend examining the British experiment with publicly covered cognitive behavioural therapy and e-therapy innovations in Australia.

    The paper follows on the heels of a recently published evidence review by Dr. Gratzer and Faiza Khalid-Khan, Patient Care Director for TSH’s Mental Health department, in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. 

    The review (available to subscribers only) looks at recent, high quality studies, and the growing body of literature on smartphone and tablet apps for mental illness. Some studies showed that patients who used Internet-assisted cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) had better outcomes than in placebo studies and equal or better outcomes than with traditional in-person cognitive behavioural therapy. These outcomes were seen both in people with depression, and patients with physical illnesses such as cancer or multiple sclerosis.

    “For the hundreds of thousands of Canadians struggling with depression, Internet-assisted cognitive behavioural therapy offers a cost-effective and empowering way of accessing an important treatment,” said Dr. Gratzer.

    TSH is a Canadian leader in exploring how iCBT and other online-based psychiatric innovations can support patient-focused care and increase access to much-needed mental health services. Congratulations to Dr. Gratzer and Faiza on these achievements, and thanks to the Mental Health department for their hard work and dedication.

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